An original approach to Japanese culture and design

Mettra is a design studio based in Royal Tunbridge Wells, England. We create contemporary patterns infused with style and beauty, each reflecting a different aspect of present-day Japanese life. We aim to sweep away familiar clichés to offer a 21st Century view of Japan's heritage. To reinterpret it with a global perspective, creating unity between Japanese values and our modern, urban lives.

The influence of a childhood in Japan gives Mettra’s founder, Mirei Allen, a genuine insight into both Eastern and Western cultures. Her vision is balanced by co-founder Guy Allen, who has long admired Japan's visual arts and offers an outsiders view of the culture. Together they have carved Mettra’s identity, which they share through their designs.

Although Japan is an ancient culture, it is an ultra-modern urban society that continually looks to the future. There is a balance of old and new; a distinctive mix of the natural and the man made. Mettra takes a fresh look at these dynamic contrasts to pick out stories and create contemporary patterns inspired by the Japanese way of life. In Japan beauty is not a commodity for the rich, it is for all. At Mettra we celebrate this idea.

Our aim is to create the remarkable for you to use everyday, wherever you live.

「めとら」は新しい和風デザインを基本概念に活動する、イギリス南西部タンブリッジウェルズに拠点を置いたデザインスタジオです。日本の長い歴史の中で庶民によって育まれてきた 「日常の暮らし」から見えてくる美しさを元にして生まれました。